Mural Celebrates Women Choosing Life

“I have a huge love for women who choose life and I don’t think they’re celebrated enough in our culture,” muralist Elizabeth Londen shared when speaking about the stunning mural she created at Our Lady’s Inn in Defiance. Amidst the vibrant swirls of color, stars, and butterflies, is a woman and her baby beautifully depicting the joy and hope of life and motherhood.

Hidden beneath the beautiful artwork is a wall filled with prayers sent in via social
media and transcribed onto the wall by volunteers from The Crossing church. Prayer is foundational to the work of Our Lady’s Inn, so it is most fitting that this inspiring work of art is founded in prayer as well.

We are so blessed to have been the recipient of this beautiful mural by Elizabeth who so generously shared her God given talents to give Him glory. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to she, her lovely family and all those who supported this effort with prayer and hard work.

Check out photos of the mural and process here!

Elizabeth Londen standing in front of her beautiful swirly painted mural